how tf are you 'buddhist' and you say ' only god can judge me'

I believe that in life you are entitled to having as many beliefs as your heart desires so long as you cause no injury to any other being. Therefore I am both Catholic and Buddhist. I was raised with catholic beliefs that to this day I still hold near and dear that is a part of me of my upbringing of my culture of my entity, but when I was a sophomore in high school I feel in love with the Buddhist philosophy and when I turned 20 I decided to convert in a sense. Buddhism completed me it gave me something to believe in it made me feel amazing and everyday I wake up happy and thankful because of it because it taught me so much about life and myself and everything around me. So I practice both religions they are both a huge part of me. So long as I don’t push what I believe onto anyone and so long as I am not hurting any beings I can believe in all the religious things I want and I could stop believing if I wanted to also and no one should come out me rudely for that.. but I’m just saying